Heat It. Mold It. Ride It.

The world’s first thermal moldable saddle


fit enhances performance


We are all unique. 

Finding a saddle that fits you is difficult.  We’ve created a saddle that is made for you. The reform Saddle completes the ultimate bike fit so you can elevate your riding.


We use pressure mapping technology to visualize pressure points on the saddle surface. The image above shows a rider’s hot spots before molding the saddle and a significant reduction after the molding is complete. The result is unhindered performance for longer periods, due to increased comfort and improved weight distribution. Stop thinking about your saddle and start thinking about your performance.


creating your custom fit saddle

Molding the Reform saddle is as easy as riding a bike. Available in 145 and 155 widths.

LBREFORM (8 of 33).jpg

heat It

  • Mount the saddle on your bicycle

  • Plug the saddle in

  • Heat for 5 minutes

  • Unplug the saddle

LBREFORM (16 of 33).jpg


  • Hop on your bike and start riding

  • Move through all of your normal riding positions so you create a dynamic mold

  • After 10 minutes of riding the saddle will have its new shape

LBREFORM (33 of 33).jpg


  • Enjoy the first saddle ever shaped specifically for your anatomy


people say

Adrian Flores.jpg

Adrian “Prince” Flores

“It is super comfortable. I mocked it up the exact setup as my last saddle, sat down after the required 5 minutes of heat, then rode it out. From then on it’s been super comfortable and totally discreet. Maybe too discreet, I find myself having to point out how cool and unique the saddle is.”


Olivier Lavigueur

“I was immediately comfortable on the saddle. Also thought it looked really cool, definitely looks like a high end product. Even on the rivet it’s super comfortable. Pre-molding the saddle felt very comfortable, I didn’t really feel the need to mold it, when I did the overall comfort didn’t really change but my butt stayed in one place though, less sliding. The look and comfort are spot on.”


Caroline Poole-Lavigueur

“I actually loved the saddle! The width was perfect and fit my sit bones so well. The only change I would make is an option with a cut-out. Otherwise, the Modern fit me great!”


Josh Tyrrell

“I was immediately impressed by the fit of this saddle. Even before we heat molded it to me, it was very comfortable. I am new to the wide/short saddle game, and I must say, I am a fan! I am less tempted to move around on the saddle. Which means more time spent putting the power down. This saddle has been a game changer for me.”



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